Vetements Reworked Puffer Coat


Because it’s about to get dismally hot out here, and because about this time in 2014 I was puffing it hard in NYC at the close of one of its coldest-ever winters/springs, and because I love and will miss layering, and because hashtag recycling…this Fall 2015 look from the Rihanna-approved French brand is on my mind. It’s actually made from several North Face jackets sewn together. I wouldn’t exactly style it like that (maybe more like…), but… so badass. For now available here.


Rihanna and Craig McDean for ‘Kiss It Better’

I get a bit weird and wild with my music tastes but I am also shamelessly a big Rihanna fan, and her new album is bonkers good to me (for the radio world, I mean). I have to tell you I was instantly obsessed with this song. And the video, by Craig McDean, might be simple and minimalist (into that too), but there are subtle tenterhooks in it clawing at me and I can’t f*cking stop watching.