Skateboarding at Atlantis


Still my favourite thing, even after first seeing it over a month ago. Thank you Red Bull and Atlantis the Palm for making this happen. Stuff of skater dreams.


Mac ‘n’ Cheese by Grand Central


So on April 1st, cool Abu Dhabi burger joint Grand Central wasn’t joking when they announced the addition of various types of mac’n’cheese to their existing menu (I don’t know if you feel things for mac, but anyway their burgers are also top-notch).

Since their original branch is literally in my block, I think I was probably the first person ever to try both their classic and spicy chicken mac’n’cheese this weekend. Because gooey comfort, a beer, collage art therapy and no friends are sometimes just what you need on a ‘Foolish’ Friday afternoon.

Thanks for feeding me, guys!

Vivienne Westwood’s Biography


By Vivienne Westwood and Ian Kelly, here.

Via the wkd diaries, I hope to tell you about things, big and small, happening whenever and wherever, and I just picked this up alongside a ton of other winning titles at Magrudy’s, which is having a nationwide sale on a bunch of cool old stock. If you still manage to find a copy of this in stores, good for you because it’s going for a sweet Dh10.

You’re welcome.