Alexander McQueen Spring 2017 Menswear

wkd’s 5 Winning Looks

I do very often wake up feeling androgynous, and even though the weather in Abu Dhabi has reached unforgiving at this point, I recently pulled out and re-laundered all of my blazers and other structured over-things and still attempt to at least drape them over a chair when I go out in the evenings.

It’s been further wonderful inspiration having all the Spring 2017 Menswear lines hitting the catwalk this month (even if I haven’t had a split second to properly go through them yet because of work).

But this week I’ve been thinking about my love McQueen because I did the brave thing of gifting a good friend my copy of his tributary coffee table book Savage Beauty when she commented how much she loved it. It is already rely missed, but she lives close by.

Anyway, hence my enthusiasm for this collection. It really is the ultimate end goal in modern tailoring, isn’t it…

Absolutely wkd. McQueen Forever!

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