Song of the day: Radiohead – Burn the Witch

I’m sure by now you’ve heard about Radiohead throwing us a massive album-shaped bone this past weekend (I’m on trend, I promise; I’m only posting this this late because I’ve been too tied up to reach my internet). Anyway, based on my friend’s review of the whole thing, it’s apparently “the most truly affecting Radiohead album to date.”

I believe it, I’ve been bingeing on this little snack every day since it was abruptly revealed, and I’ve just finally also heard the second teaser track, the incredibly cathartic ‘Daydreaming‘. But also now that I know what the latter’s about (read above review), I’m also finding listening to it in view of the video slightly tear-jerking.

So far all very brilliant though, really.



Where’s Waldo? The Drake Edition


Just a little Monday midday pick-me-up in case his new album’s left you feeling blue – FIND DRAKE! I literally have no time to pencil in crying this week so I haven’t heard any of it yet. Typical tearjerker? Feeling ‘some type of way’ about it? Would love to hear. OR, what other albums are you digging instead right now?

Rihanna and Craig McDean for ‘Kiss It Better’

I get a bit weird and wild with my music tastes but I am also shamelessly a big Rihanna fan, and her new album is bonkers good to me (for the radio world, I mean). I have to tell you I was instantly obsessed with this song. And the video, by Craig McDean, might be simple and minimalist (into that too), but there are subtle tenterhooks in it clawing at me and I can’t f*cking stop watching.