Song of the Day: Soko – I Just Want to Make it New With You

I approve of Kristen Stewart’s new love interest/lesbian phase. Can’t beat a FKA Twigs though.





Can’t tell you how young I was when I first started virtually stalking Aussie design duo Cami and Nadia, and it brings me great pain to know that when I could’ve afforded their stuff I never bought any. Guess now I’m paying for it. No problem at all.

OK Vase Set by Oh Joy!


Because sometimes that’s all we really are, and that’s OK.

Available here.


A Poem by Claudio Bertoni (translated)

I’d like to be a nest if you were a little bird.

I’d like to be a scarf if you were a neck and were cold.

If you were music, I’d be an ear.

If you were water, I’d be a glass.

If you were light, I’d be an eye.

If you were a foot, I’d be a sock.

If you were the sea, I’d be a beach.

And if you were still the sea, I’d be a fish, and I’d swim in you.

And if you were the sea, I’d be salt.

And if I were salt, you’d be lettuce, an avocado or at least a fried egg.

And if you were a fried egg, I’d be a piece of bread.

And if I were a piece of bread, you’d be butter or jam.

If you were jam, I’d be the peach in the jam.

If I were a peach, you’d be a tree.

And if you were a tree, I’d be your sap…

And I’d course through your arms like blood.

And if I were blood, I’d live in your heart.

Starts off a bit cheesily twee, I know, but it touches you more and more with each indentation. Heard this for the first time during a screening of the gorgeous Chilean film ‘Gloria’, thanks to one of my favourite local entities, The Space Abu Dhabi . It was also recently World Poetry Day after all…


Loving Vincent, a hand-painted movie


Waiting patiently for this…
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