Claire Danes at the Met Gala 2016


Of course, OF COURSE, the inspiration for my future wedding dress has come from the Met Gala red carpet in the form of Claire’s mind-boggler of a frock. Zac Posen, what is this wizardry?! Watch it move here.

This year’s Costume Institute event celebrates the opening of the Manus x Machina: Fashion in an Age of Technology exhibition at The Met, and usually celebrities try to play around with the theme in the wardrobe department; but honestly, I feel like 70% of them just threw their hands up at the last minute in despair and rocked any safety net of a draping this or body-hugging that. Oh well. More cake for Claire.

*For various little reasons though, I have special shout-outs to for motherf*cking “hau(t)ech” showmanship; Katie Perry for drama (I suppose this was the best Rihanna 2015 try-hard of the night, I don’t know); Bella Hadid and her gothic nuclear cloud of a train; (surprisingly) Kate Hudson, for more futuristic wedding inspo; Willow and Jada Smith for  just rocking up as futuristic and woke as they already are generally; HAIM, mm, just more sibling love as before; Emma Watson for structured madness in the form of the most dramatic pants (yes those are trousers); Zoe Kravitz for flying wonderfully off the rails, not just via the wings on her back, but also via her shoes;  Alexa Chung for foregoing discomfort and just being chill about it; to Zendaya for the glorious fit of that f*cking thing; to Pyper America Smith for shocking me with, um, H&M; a regal Sofia Sanchez (because I am already headed to the fabric store to recreate that cape); Ciara, because look…; to Rita Ora for pretty much filling Beyonce’s gap but looking boss doing it, can’t deny; and Tabitha Simmons for regal attempts.

Also, Solange Knowles should have just worn what she wore to the After Party, and an after-partying Anna Cleaveland is a girl I want to get to know better. x



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