Song/Story of the Day: Dream Machines – Recall

…I don’t know, it just triggers my happy; a slice of infectious dance-in-traffic fun.

I met the singer, and therefore first heard about this band, in my hostel on a trip to Istanbul a few years back. We toasted the local beer on our balcony overlooking the teargassed Taksim streets, played with cats in a hipster bar overrun with them (and whose bar staff served us on bicycle and let us DJ), then stuffed ourselves silly on awesome artery-clogging street eats like iskender. Istanbul is still a favourite.

Harry May Kline lives in Los Angeles and has a funny tattoo on his arm of a martini glass that, in a few pen strokes, he is able to turn into a lion’s face. That’s what I remember about Harry.

I had said at the time that I’d come visit him sometime in California – he worked at a cool bar there and seemed legit chill – but of course half of these encounters with random travel friends don’t materialise (I won’t say ‘never’ because I’ve had some magical friendships built in hostel lobbies since!). Just like I never really thought I’d be into his band more than ‘liking’ their page for the sake of being friendly.

BUT I AM INTO HIS BAND. And I hope he keeps it going (<—- this was my original point)



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