Dan Hillier being Dan Hillier

About a decade ago living in London and just getting round to haunting the last hipster phase of Brick Lane, I used to frequent Dan Hillier‘s stall at the awesome Sunday Up Market. His scribbles were unlike anything I’d ever seen … featuring lots of beautiful beards and bosoms tangled up in surreal neo-Victorian scenes of nature and the psychedelic universe. And drawn!

I wish now that I hadn’t tapped out of buying some of his work then for a London souvenir before moving to Abu Dhabi (technically, I still can rectify this – I’m always in the UK – but God knows how much he’s charging now!).

Anyway, since then he’s shown at The Saatchi Gallery in London, the Louvre in Paris and other weird and wonderful fringe gatherings and shows.

The amazing thing about time flying like that is that I’m now also dabbling in the art world  (obviously on a very amateur level, with painting and mixed media). But it can get pretty discouraging, as creativity goes, I know.

Taking a timeout from my absurd art project this week, downtrodden from the depressing lack of flow, I was cleaning out my inbox and got a newsletter this month from Dan revealing to me that he is now also collaborating on artwork for some of the summer shows being put on at London’s incredible Shakespeare’s Globe, entitled Wonder Season 2016.

I’m glad I dug deeper and found this interview he did ahead of this new artistic romp of a partnership, because in it, he not only shares the music he listens to while working (DUH, LIKE ME, BJORK AND MAX RICHTER – TOTAL SENSE!), he also leaves a little note to artists and designers just starting out, which I think I needed:

Devote yourself to making what you love and enjoy it, and do it to the best of your ability. Have fun and don’t get caught up in trying to please other people.  I’d love to say ‘establish a good working pattern or schedule’ or something, but I’ve still not managed that yet. Saying that, inspiration comes mainly from sitting my arse down and just getting on with the work rather than waiting for lightning to strike. Enjoy making pictures for the sake of it, you can always work out where it all comes from later on.

Get to know the art and the artist more by reading the full interview here.

And Happy Creating!


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